A Bit About Us

The Breezy team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in HR and IT, mainly focussing on getting the basics right.  We are passionate about adding value to every organisation and the people that we work with.  We need to leave you better than we found you – more empowered to continue your organisational growth journey – having all the tools you need.

Our focus on the basics includes;

  • creating efficient business and HR processes, or streamlining existing ones;
  • building a jobs catalogue or architecture that will provide clear job descriptions, performance criteria, and career pathing;
  • we provide a range of marketing services and professionally designed custom digital content to support you in your business journey, and our adoption management tools ensure your change communication strategy has the optimal impact;
  • and finally, learning plans based on competencies and skills as part of a greater learning strategy to ensure employee engagement and ongoing career development.

Should you be interested in, or need, an HRIS system, we can also provide guidance and support in defining your requirements and selection criteria, as well as preparing your processes and employee data for a successful implementation.  Job architecture, in particular, is critical to a successful system implementation, and we are specialists in this regard.

Our Team

Debra Nortjé has over 30 years of working experience, 13 of which have been in HR, and another ten years in IT.  She has worked in various business sectors, including the engineering and financial services sectors.

Debra’s work exposure across multiple business sectors gives her a solid understanding of business in South Africa; coupled with in-depth knowledge of the employee life cycle, keen interest in HR technology, and a passion for keeping HR operational functions on the cutting edge of HR. She specialises in Job Architecture and preparing organisations for successful HR system implementations.

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